LiveData Utilities and ICCP

What is ICCP and why use it?

The Inter-Control Center Communications Protocol (ICCP) is an international standard: International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Telecontrol Application Service Element 2 (TASE.2).

LiveData Utilities engineers played a significant role in the development of ICCP per IEC60870-6 TASE.2. ICCP became the de facto standard worldwide for communication between control centers in the electric power sector, enabling data exchange between utility control centers, utilities, power pools, regional control centers, and non-utility generators.

Operating across LANs and WANs, ICCP enables the exchange of real-time and historical power system monitoring and control data, including measured values, scheduling data, energy accounting data, and operator messages. Data exchange can occur between and among:

  • Multiple control center EMS systems

  • EMS and power plant DCS systems

  • EMS and distribution SCADA systems

  • EMS and other utility systems

  • EMS/SCADA and substations

LiveData Utilities ICCP Solution

LiveData Utilities ICCP Solution is fundamental to LiveData Utilities RTI Server. It is the first ICCP solution that uses an object configuration−driven approach to minimize the cost and complexity of developing and maintaining ICCP. As a result, it enables the creation of the most highly maintainable, flexible ICCP system possible.

LiveData Utilities ICCP solution runs on the most cost-effective hardware platform to provide an ICCP communications processor for new or existing SCADA/EMS/DCS systems. It supports a range of scalability from low-end PC to high-end multiprocessor RISC hardware under the Microsoft Windows NT operating systems. As a result, LiveData Utilities offers an ICCP solution that is very easy to manage and administer.

With LiveData Utilities ICCP, customers benefit from a proven robust executable rather than having to build a custom C program from a set of function libraries. Critical features required for reliable communications such as connection management, fault tolerance, redundant network support, no memory leaks, and on-line configuration are already built into the LiveData Utilities executable and are proven in mission critical applications at a large number of customer sites.

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