Security Solutions


Creating an Electronic Security Perimeter

Cost-effective and reliable, the LiveData Cyber Security solution provides front-line defense for the critical infrastructure network. LiveData delivers a fortified gateway in compliance with NERC electronic security perimeter standards within a safe timeframe and for a fraction of the cost of a full SCADA or EMS system upgrade. Full implementation can be accomplished in a matter of weeks as opposed to months.

The LiveData solution lends itself to any situation where data is needed from or by an operational system over an unsecure network. Whatever standard utility protocol (ICCP / DNP / Modbus / OPC….) the end points use to communicate, LiveData will safely and reliably translate them – on the fly – for transfer over Secure ICCP and/or Secure HTTPS.

The LiveData Cyber Security solution is fully configurable and compatible with anti-virus software. Other system benefits include:

  • Allowing perimeter links to be taken down without taking other systems offline

  • Fully supporting strong authentication and data integrity 

  • Allowing access only through proxy servers



The LiveData Cyber Security Solution: A typical configuration




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You may also download our Cyber Security datasheet, here.