Scalable Utility Protocol Server

LiveData Utilities has developed a scalable line of software server based solutions that seamlessly integrates systems and devices speaking all major utility and industry protocols.

From our early days developing the original standard for TASE2/ICCP to safely control grid assets to our development of a new category of real-time software, the Operating Technology Message Bus (OTMB), LiveData Utilities understands that integrating real-time Operating Technology systems and devices has a fundamentally different set of requirements than IT enterprise systems.

Leveraging OTMB into every product we deliver, allows us to be sensitive to the OT imperatives of protecting life, equipment and environment while delivering exceptionally efficient integrations: of grid automation devices, OT and IT systems securely across low quality networks and a range of OT standards ranging from 40 year old device protocols to state of the art large-scale streaming standards.

OTMB is at work when we connect a single generation asset to an ISO and when we help manage a network of 100,000 devices. 

Efficient integrations:

  • Native support for all major utility protocols including ICCP/TASE.2, OPC, DNP 3.0, MultiSpeak, Modbus, CIM, Web Services
  • Point and Click configuration for simple and complex data flows
  • Over 50 built-in data filters
  • Embedded Python support for complex data manipulations
  • LiveData Utilities’ seasoned Professional Services team and our OTMB architecture deliver OT hardened rapid system integrations


Customer Example: XCEL Energy


LiveData Utilities scalable protocol server relies on RTI Platform as its underlying engine. Our clients utilize RTI Protocol Server to connect their assets, systems, and devices - since LiveData RTI Server natively transacts over all major utility protocol standards and most configuration is point and click, OT integrations come together much quicker than custom one-off point-to-point integrations.

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