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For effective distribution and outage management, LiveData provides customers with a solution for:

  • Flowing data between SCADA and Outage Management systems, and to central control room display

  • Collecting and presenting statewide power outage information

  • Calculating key performance indicators 


To learn more about LiveData RTI Generation Asset Manager, formerly RTI OMS, click here.


Customer Examples

Xcel Energy: 

  • Provides a front end to all real-time SCADA needsXCEL_Example_New.png

  • Allows operators to select VAr and Voltage Control at all levels, with automatic voltage override while on VAr control

  • Logs all alarms, both operational and error, in one place

  • Enables visual (vs. text) representation of feeder as well as user view (and secured control) outside the control center

  • Enables filterable reporting, generating Load Profile reports, data export capability, data archiving, and database linkage between capacitor system of record and the control system

  • Allowed the company to meet an ambitious schedule for implementing a centralized control capacitator



Confidential Customer: 

  • Diagnoses data flow issues across vendors

  • Provides on-site talent for facilitated communication and speed integration

  • Zero problems on initial live connection, performing to spec












To learn more about LiveData Utilities Distribution and Outage Management products, check out RTI Generation Asset Manager and RTI Platform.

Additional information is available via PDF, downloaded here

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