Implementing OT Middleware in place of a Traditional SCADA System

Kansas City Power and Light implements an ADMS system using OT centric middleware in place of a traditional SCADA system.

Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L) executed an upgrade to their OMS architecture ‐ integrating 90,000 data points across thirty device types and 3,200 unique devices. By leveraging LiveData Utilities RTI Server and Oracle NMS, KCP&L was able to consolidate multiple Distribution Automation (DA) systems into a manageable system of systems with the NMS being the single point of interaction for the operators. Prior to the upgrade, KCP&L operators individually managed six sources of data and alarms: three Sensus PowerVista Applications, EMS, NMS, and Winmon (for Cellnet DA). Each source came with its own desktop and set of interoperability requirements. KCP&L internally determined that reducing the number of screens required to actively monitor and manage KCP&L's DA grid would improve responsiveness to events and emphasized that streamlining the “views” a Distribution System Operator (DSO) must monitor would result in a significant reduction in time between customer power outages and restoration.

To implement this unified vision, KCP&L needed a way to simplify creation and management of complex data flows across Operational Technology (OT) systems. KCP&L decided that they needed to implement a platform for interoperability between systems so that the entire Distribution Automation (DA) network could populate a single NMS with its data. The system should be capable of issuing remote controls and displaying operational data in real-time with a GIS model and providing Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) functionality to KCP&L’s NMS. This upgrade and integration project was completed using Oracle NMS (OMS) on the front end and LiveData Utilities RTI Server as an OT‐centric middleware integration platform. LiveData Utilities RTI Server was used in place of a traditional SCADA system, creating a platform they refer to as D‐SCADA Lite.

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  • Simplified the creation and management of complex data flows
  • Architected an OT middleware solution in place of a traditional SCADA system 
  • Created a platform for future growth

Case Study: Implementing OT Middleware in place of a Traditional SCADA System

LiveData OT Middleware v SCADA Systems Case Study