LiveData Utilities RTI Visualization (RTI VIZ)LiveData Utilities Data Real-Time Visualization

LiveData RTI Platform supports dynamic, real-time visualizations through LiveData RTI Viz.

LiveData RTI Viz is an HTML5 based application that allows control room operators and plant managers to:

  • Semi-customize and rapidly deploy visualization screens to meet organizational goals
  • Increase situational awareness
  • Monitor assets and devices for failure and other events
  • Create alarms that are triggered instantly based on data populated at runtime
  • Geographically report power and telemetry loss events

In addition to providing a robust framework for connecting, monitoring and managing generation assets, LiveData RTI Platform also offers solutions that meet NERC CIP requirements for security and reporting. LiveData RTI Security Solutions include:

  • Network segmentation to create secure environments for transactional data flows
  • Real-time data monitoring of grid and devices status to identify threats and mitigate security concerns
  • Protocol aware message passing between OT and IT networks
  • External threat protection of control systems, devices and assets via four layer whitelisting     


See RTI Viz at work in RTI Generation Asset Manager, click here to request a demo of RTI Generation Asset Manager today.

RTI Generation Asset Manager leverages LiveData RTI Platform to create dynamic, HTML5 visualization screens.