LiveData Utilities RTI Stream for InfluxDB


LiveData Utilities developed RTI Stream for InfluxDB to fulfill utilities customers’ demands for high-performance time-series data collection, analysis, publishing, logging and archiving capabilities. 


RTI Stream is a full-featured, open-source, time-series database (historian) that employs RTI Server as the communications hub for operational technology (OT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data from any source. RTI Stream provides a fully scalable, cost-effective, field-proven solution that can be deployed on premise or in a public or private cloud. RTI Stream is integrated fully with the RTI Platform. 

Historian data from any source with LiveData Utilities RTI Connect

Collect Real-Time Data from Any Data Source

With RTI Stream, you can collect data from virtually any utility device or system using a wide array of protocols, including ICCP, Modbus, DNP3, OPC, and many more. RTI Stream allows you to collect accurate time-series data and consistently recreate that data. Should you require integrations with proprietary historians such as OSIsoft PI, Wonderware and others, we have connectors to these systems as well.

Retrieve Historical, Time Series Data

RTI Stream offers the ability to retrieve historical, time series data and efficiently store that data with compression algorithms. As grid edge technologies proliferate and the volume of OT data grows exponentially, the complexity of managing these rules and modifications will increase in kind. RTI Stream simplifies the management of generated data by enabling data point specification, retaining data and providing time resolution policies to be managed directly from RTI batch files.


Integrate Smart Grid Applications with Real-Time and Historical Data

InfluxDB offers a simplified, open application programming interface (API) to move you beyond visualization screens and human machine interfaces (HMIs) provided by original equipment manufacturer (OEM) suppliers and third-party developers. LiveData Utilities is here to help you integrate OT systems such as EMS, OMS, ADMS and other grid control systems to interact with historical data seamlessly. This enables smart grid applications and operators to act upon real-time and relevant information to manage the grid more effectively. Our open API establishes a rich environment for you to interface with analytics tools for deeper historical analysis and richer predictive modeling.

Build Real-Time Operational Intelligence 

LiveData Utilities RTI Connect for InfluxDB Real-Time and Time-Series DataRTI Stream provides the data needed for analytics and business intelligence. Simplify the process of gathering operational data to determine various system averages, efficiencies and losses as well as strategies for improvements, procurement and rate case filings. Employ analytics tools such as open-source Grafana Labs or proprietary Tableau with InfluxDB to deliver real-time, customized visual analytics. In addition, combine InfluxDB with LiveData RTI GAM to enable operations management and control room operators to visualize the current state of generation assets as well as time-series data in a single solution. 

When RTI Stream is integrated into RTI Platform Generation Asset Manager (RTI GAM), the resulting application provides operations management and control room operators a single application that they can use visualize the current state of generation assets as well as time-series data. RTI GAM is a generation asset management tool that helps utilities track and understand grid activity and demand drivers. RTI GAM is coupled to our industry leading RTI Platform real-time solution.  

OEM Application Ready

RTI Server and RTI Stream provide: OEM-ready, scalable robust dataflow, data management, storage and a platform for real-time grid applications, including RTI OT Message Bus applications. Please contact us to learn more about our products and OEM partner program.    

Be Assured with Proven Reliability

RTI Stream is backed by LiveData Utilities and our Professional Services engineers.  We have delivered scalable, real-time solutions to the utility industry for over 20 years.   LiveData Utilities’ experienced OT savvy Professional Service Engineers ensure the quickest path to getting your historian application online.  RTI Stream is part of LiveData Utilities’ suite of high-availability solutions and services for the utilities industry.  We manage the OT and IIoT complexity of 100+ utility customers worldwide.  Our smart grid data and intelligence solutions enable confident real-time management of power grid assets for critical infrastructure network segmentation and protection; ISO connectivity; SCADA, OMS and DMS real-time state monitoring, control, and communication; demand response aggregation; visualization; and data analytics.    


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RTI Stream for InfluxDB leverages LiveData RTI Platform to coalesce and deliver real-time operational insights.


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