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From our early days developing the original standard for TASE2/ICCP to safely control grid assets to our development of a new category of real-time software, the Operating Technology Message Bus (OTMB), LiveData Utilities understands that integrating real-time Operating Technology systems and devices has a fundamentally different set of requirements than IT enterprise systems.

Leveraging OTMB into every product we deliver, allows us to be sensitive to the OT imperatives of protecting life, equipment and environment while delivering exceptionally efficient integrations: of grid automation devices, OT and IT systems securely across low quality networks and a range of OT standards ranging from 40-year-old device protocols to state of the art large-scale streaming standards.

OTMB is at work when we connect a single generation asset to an ISO and when we help manage a network of 100,000 devices. 

LiveData Utilities RTI Server is the basis for our OTMB framework.

LiveData RTI Server enables utility operators to:

  • Integrate disparate OT systems including EMS, OMS, DMS, SCADA, DCS, MDMS, DERMS and GMS systems
  • Integrate discrete devices such as RTUs and other grid automation
  • Execute ETL functions and efficiently integrate real-time analytics engines
  • Efficiently implement operational and business logic related to OT devices and systems
  • Operationalize real-time bi-directional control
  • Operate grid automation on lossy and messy radio networks
  • Simultaneously capture, transform and deliver data from thousands of points
  • Create a flexible framework that is easily scaled to accommodate diverse data types, protocols and data standards
  • Manage complex OT data flows
  • Establish a secure environment that meets NERC CIP requirements
  • Configure and deploy connected assets with regional markets and system operators
  • Leverage High-Availability solutions to ensure system reliability
  • Transact via most major utility and industry protocols including ICCP, OPC, DNP3, MultiSpeak, Web Services, Modbus and legacy proprietary protocols
  • LiveData RTI Platform is often used to integrate:
    • OT/IT data exchanges
    • Real-time analytic tools
    • Distribution Automation devices

In addition to robust integration and ETL functions (pre-processing of real-time analytics data), RTI Platform features LiveData RTI Configuration Manager. RTI Configuration Manager is a graphical configuration tool that allows engineers to quickly integrate new devices. RTI Configuration Manager enables engineers to graphically describe complex data flows and to debug and visualize data flows and data states in real-time. RTI Configuration Manager is used to create data templates which represent classes of data such as different device types.  At run-time, devices of known data classes are added as a configuration simply by adding a line to a CSV file. 

LiveData RTI Server serves as the engine for LiveData Utilities products and solutions. Top utilities leverage LiveData Utilities' RTI Server to establish system architecture, integrate assets and devices, and facilitate data ETL functions. Click here to learn more about Operational Technology Message Bus architecture using RTI Server, or click here to schedule a consultation with LiveData Utilities.


To see LiveData RTI Server in action, check out our RTI Generation Asset Manager demo.