LiveData Utilities RTI ISO ConnectLiveData Utilities ISO Connect

Participants in today’s power markets need precise, real-time connectivity to facilitate and profit from buying and selling power. LiveData Utilities RTI ISO ConnectTM is a real-time connection service and solution to manage transactional data  flows and meet your Independent Service Operator/Regional Transmission Organization (ISO/RTO) markets’ real-time reporting and control needs.

LiveData RTI ISO Connect allows power generators to manage real-time ICCP connection to ISO/RTO power markets as a fixed price turnkey offering.  We sweat the details so you don’t have to. Our comprehensive software and services will configure, deploy, and help you manage your real-time connectivity.

LiveData RTI PlatformTM is the leading technical framework for bidirectional data between power generation assets and power markets.

 RTI ISO Connect:

  • Ensures consistent transactions with operational and trading systems
  • Delivers a reliable ISO/RTO integration at a fixed price
  • Participates in ISO/RTOs coordination meetings
  • Applies unsurpassed industry knowledge and ISO/ RTO experience to every implementation
  • Has a proven track record of providing on-time delivery and long-term support for ISO/RTO integrations
  • Safeguards stable communications, reducing the risk of prolonged transmission downtime
LiveData Utilities delivers leading edge integration technologies based on deep knowledge of configuration interfaces and protocols, and has helped over 100 utilities connect to secondary markets.

LiveData Utilities RTI ISO Connect leverages RTI Platform architecture and features RTI Protocol Support.