RTI Generation Asset Manager

LiveData RTI Platform Generation Asset Manager (RTI GAM)™ enables operations management and control room operators to visualize the current state of their generation assets. RTI GAM is purpose-built generation asset management tool that helps utilities view, track, and understand grid activity and demand drivers. RTI GAM is coupled to our industry leading RTI Platform real-time middleware and backend platform.

 RTI GAM features include:LiveData Utilities Real-Time Generation Asset Management
  • Real-time individual and net graphs of multiple generation assets and parameters such as: outputs, setpoints, spinning reserves, and control modes
  • Display of weather, LMP, Natural gas prices, and other demand drivers
  • Fulfill regulatory and communication requirements for ISO/RTO markets
  • Full historian capabilities enables graphing of multiple stored data-points over user selected time period and resolution
  • Alarm tracking and acknowledgement
  • ISO 5 minute XML Start/Stop messages
  • HTML 5 mobile ready
  • ICCP, DNP3, active server, and other link indicators

 RTI GAM Benefits include:

  • Increased situational awareness
  • Real-time failure detection and alarming
  • Flexible visualization screens
  • Simplified management of input and output data
  • Device-level power generation tracking
 Click here for a live RTI GAM demo! 
Historian Capability
RTI GAM has built-in HIstorian capabilities acting as a Historian. Multiple pens can be run on the same graph.
LiveData Utilities tight historian integration
Alarm Tracking
RTI GAM recognizes and reports alarms and tracks alarm history.
LiveData Utilities real-time alarms and tracking
RTI Generation Asset Manager leverages LiveData RTI Platform to coalesce and deliver real-time operational insights.