LiveData Utilities believes in the power of collaboration.

LiveData Utilities offers partnership opportunities to consultants, integration specialists, resellers, and utility focused software developers. Strong partnerships play a vital role in advancing the development of the smart grid. LiveData Utilities' RTI Platform is a scalable data flow and integration engine that can be leveraged in the development of new products or when expanding capabilities of existing solutions - ultimately enriching combined offerings and driving profitability. LiveData Utilties implements OT integrations faster than competitors or traditional point-to-point programmed approaches, with lower long term operating costs and best-in-class features like native protocol support, in-memory processing, and embedded filtering.

Utilities must incorporate an ever expanding network of devices and systems, and along with each comes a unique set of challenges and a new shareholder. The desire to simplify the propsoal and implementation process leads to utilities working with fewer solution providers. Strategic partnerships not only enrich each company's solutions, they make it easier for utilities to manage the process of bringing a new solution online.

Consultants benefit from partnering with LiveData Utilities by having a proven, all-in-one, time and money saving solution at their finger tips. Integration specialists are able to implement monitoring, communication, and control across smart grids in weeks rather than years, while ensuring that future systems and devices can be added to the grid easily and quickly. LiveData Utilities works with top technology providers as resellers to expand the range their solutions and capitalize on unlikely opportunities while minimizing risk.

Regardless of whether you are a consultant, integrator, or reseller, you can rely on LiveData Utilities to provide best-in-class service and seamless integrations across even the most complex networks of systems, devices, and data.

Interested in partnering with LiveData Utilities?

Current Partners

Advanced Control Systems, now EFACEC-ACS  develops mission critical real-time computing applications.
CGI enables real-time, continuous management of critical processes, including mobile workforce, outage and network management.
Eliop, S.A. delivers integration solutions to Brazil using LiveData ICCP.
EFACEC Group is the largest Portuguese organization in the field of electromechanics and electronics, with a strong presence in various international markets.
Schneider Electric, formerly Invensys Process Systems, owns Industry-leading brands: Telvent, Foxboro, Triconex, and Avantis; providing automation and optimization of delivery operations.  Schneider Electric is also a reseller of LiveData Protocol Server as part of their SCADA system.
Space-Time Insight liberates companies in asset-intensive industries from a fragmented view of the big picture, providing the context and clarity they need to make fast, confident decisions. Using spatial, temporal and nodal analysis, our IoT-ready real-time visual analytics applications illuminate the what, where, when, why and how of every asset and situation. Space-Time Insight’s award-winning situational intelligence software powers mission-critical systems for some of the largest companies around the world, including eight of the twenty largest US utilities.
Logica is the leading integrator of Supervision Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) for utilities in Australia and the Asia-Pacific.
Oracle Utilities delivers software applications for customer care and billing, enterprise asset and work management, outage management, mobile workforce management, and distribution management.
S&C Electric re-sells LiveData products as part of their award-winning WinMon Distribution Automation System.