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KCP&L Modernizes Capacitor Bank Controls

Article by Carl R. Goeckeler, Consulting engineer at Kansas City Power and Light

T&D World
January 3, 2018

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FREE Case Study: Implementing OT Middleware in place of a Traditional SCADA System

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  • Simplify the creation and management of complex data flows
  • Architect an OT middleware solution in place of a traditional SCADA system
  • Create a platform for future growth



LiveData Utilities Operational Technology Message Bus (OTMB)Managing OT System Integration Complexity with an OT Message Bus (OTMB)

Presentation by Brad Harkavy, LiveData Utilities General Manager

CEATI SMART Grid Conference, November 11-15, 2017



SCADA Tech Summit: A Tale of Two Solutions, Middleware vs. SCADA

Presentation by Brad Harkavy of LiveData Utilities.

October 4-5, 2017

EETD Mar 2016.jpg


Implement an Operational Technology Message Bus (OTMB) to Take Back Your Smart Grid

Article by Adam Reiss, Senior Marketing Associate LiveData Utilities

Electric Energy T&D Magazine, March/April 2016



LiveData Utilities and Space-Time Insight Increase Electric Reliability through Analytics and Real-Time Device Control

Press Release via Business Wire

March 2016


Using Middleware Between SCADA and a Network Management System to Handle Incorrect Data or Non-Typical Device Functions

Presentation by Jason Plummer of Mississippi Power.

DistribuTECH 2016 




How KCPL Implemented ADMS Without Using a Traditional SCADA System.

Presentation by Bill Menge of KCP&L.

Distributech 2016




Is The App Revolution Coming to SCADA?

Presentation by Brad Harkavy of LiveData Utilities.

Remote Monitoring and Control Conference 2015




The Growing Need for a Coherent OT Framework - A Case for an OT Message Bus

Article by Adam Reiss, Marketing Manager at LiveData Utilities.

Remote Magazine 
October 2016



How High Performance

Operations Groups Employ an Operational Technology Message Bus Getting Ahead of the Accelerating Complexity and Scale of Devices, Data, and Distributed Generation on the Smart Grid

White Paper by Brad Harkavy, General Manager at LiveData Utilities.



Machine Learning in Power Voltage Instability Monitoring

Article by Charlie Berg, Vice President Engineering at LiveData Utilities.

Remote Magazine 
June 2015



DistribuTECH 2015, a Grid Analytics Party

Article by Brad Harkavy, General Manager at LiveData Utilities.

Remote Magazine
March 2015



Improving Critical Infrastructure (CIP) Cyber Security

White Paper by Jeffrey Robbins, President and CEO at LiveData




The LiveData ICCP Server: A Configuration-Driven ICCP Solution that Minimizes Code Development

White Paper by Jeffrey Robbins, President and CEO at LiveData 





Is the App Revolution Coming to SCADA?

Brad Harkavy, General Manager at LiveData Utilities.

Remote Conference 
November 2015