Oracle completed the acquisition of LiveData Utilities on April 28th, 2020.
LiveData Utilities has become part of Oracle Live Energy Connect (LEC).
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Power Generation

LiveData Utilities delivers turnkey ISO ICCP services and HTML5-based RTI Generation Asset Manager™. We can help your organization better understand and control your generation assets.                                          

LiveData for Generation

Power Transmission

LiveData Utilities regularly integrates EMS data and substation data to OMS, SCADA, and ISO/RTO control systems. Our solutions offer the ability to capture, transform, and deliver data.                                                                           

LiveData for Transmission

Power Distribution

RTI Platform is used by distribution operators to integrate OT systems such as OMS, Advanced DMS and SCADA systems, and device automation, using standard protocols (ICCP, DNP3, Modbus, etc.) throughout the grid. 

LiveData for Distribution

Featured Solutions & Services

Operational Technology Message Bus

Addressing the shortcomings of traditional integrations and system architectures.

Utility system architects working to maximize the potential of their existing systems and futureproof their operations are employing LiveData RTI Server to establish Operational Technology Message Bus (OTMB) architecture. 

OTMB is a new category of software that delivers exceptionally efficient integration of grid automation devices, connecting OT and IT systems securely across networks of varying quality while utilizing diverse OT standards ranging from 40-year-old device protocols to state of the art large-scale streaming standards. OTMB is at work when we connect a single energy generating asset to an ISO and when we manage a complex network of 100,000 devices.

Employing LiveData Utilities RTI middleware layer to establish an OTMB creates a rich environment featuring:

  • Seamless integration of devices and applications with ESB, OMS, DCS, SCADA, and a variety of operational and IT systems
  • Tag management and metadata support
  • SCADA-class in-memory processing
  • Data flow templating and configuration
  • Data population at run time
  • Scalable high-availability (HA) server networking, including dual-server support

To learn more about OTMB architecture, visit the OTMB Solutions page or download our OTMB White Paper.

LiveData Utilities RTI Server configured as an Operational Technology Message Bus

RTI Stream for InfluxDB

Enable smart grid IIoT analytics, accurately recreate dynamic datasets, and leverage data across platforms.

RTI Stream for InfluxDB is a full featured, open source, time-series database (historian) that employs RTI Server as the communications hub for operational technology (OT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data from any source. RTI Stream provides a fully scalable, cost-effective, field proven solution that can be deployed on premise or in a public or private cloud. RTI Stream is integrated fully with the RTI Platform.

When RTI Stream is integrated into RTI Platform Generation Asset Manager (RTI GAM), the resulting application provides a single source of real-time operational intelligence with the ability to visualize the current state of generation assets as well as time-series data. 

RTI Stream features:

  • Collect data from virtually any utility device or system 
  • Supports a wide array of protocols including ICCP, Modbus, DNP3, OCP, and many more
  • Recreate historical, time series data and efficiently store that data with compression algorithms 
  • Integrate smart grid applications with real-time and historical data
  • Utilize data for analytics tools like Hadoop, AWS, TIBCO, IBM, and Oracle
  • Easily scale from 100s of points to 1,000,000s of points

To learn more, visit the RTI Stream for InfluxDB page or request a demo.

LiveData Utilities RTI Connect for Influx DB screen example

RTI Configuration Manager

A model-based approach, a simple solution.

Establish communication pathways using a point-and-click interface.

RTI Configuration Manager allows architecture engineers to:

  • Reduce the complexity of integrations
  • Easily establish bi-directional communication between systems
  • Rapidly modify and create new transactional data flows

RTI Configuration Manager is an upgrade to our Config Tool and is offered and an enhancement to the RTI Platform.

LiveData Utilities RTI Configuration Manager