LiveData for Power Generation


LiveData Utilities provides power generation operators with services and solutions that help them manage assets, manage Operational Technology integrations, and connect to energy markets.

With over twenty years of experience assisting Operations Managers in establishing next generation grid architectures, LiveData Utilities is a trusted path to integrating distributed generation assets – allowing for remote operation of devices and improved business intelligence.

RTI Generation Asset Manager

LiveData RTI Platform Generation Asset Manager (RTI GAM)™ enables operations management and control room operators to visualize the current state of their generation assets. RTI GAM is a purpose-built generation asset management historian and visualization tool coupled to our industry leading RTI Platform real-time middleware and backend platform.

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LiveData RTI GAM

RTI GAM features include:

  • Real-time individual and net graphs of multiple generation assets and parameters such as: outputs, setpoints, spinning reserves, control modes, and echos
  • Display of weather, LMP, Natural gas prices, and the like
  • Fulfill regulatory and communication requirements for ISO/RTO markets
  • Full historian capabilities enables graphing of multiple stored data-points over user selected time period and resolution
  • Alarm tracking and acknowledgement
  • ISO 5 minute XML Start/Stop messages
  • HTML 5 mobile ready
  • ICCP, DNP3, active server, and other link indicators


RTI GAM benefits include:

  • Increased situational awareness
  • Real-time failure detection and alarming
  • Flexible visualization screens
  • Simplified management of input and output data
  • Device level power generation tracking

Request a demo today or learn more about Generation Asset Manager here.

RTI ISO Connect for Power Generation

Participants in today’s power markets need precise, real-time connectivity to facilitate and profit from buying and selling power. LiveData Utilities RTI ISO Connect™ is a real-time connection service and solution that manages transactional data flows while meeting your Independent Service Operator/Regional Transmission Organization (ISO/RTO) markets’ real-time reporting and control needs. LiveData Utilities engineers were members of the TASE2/ICCP committee, bringing an unsurpassed expertise in creating ICCP-based data flows.

LiveData RTI ISO Connect allows power generators to manage real-time ICCP connection to ISO/RTO power markets as a fixed price turnkey offering. We sweat the details so you don’t have to. Our comprehensive software and services will configure, deploy, and help you manage your real-time connectivity.

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LiveData RTI PlatformTM is the leading technical framework for bidirectional data between power generation assets and power markets.

RTI ISO Connect:

  • Ensures consistent transactions with operational and trading systems
  • Delivers a reliable ISO/RTO integration at a fixed price
  • Participates in ISO/RTOs coordination meetings
  • Applies unsurpassed industry knowledge and ISO/ RTO experience to every implementation
  • Has a proven track record of providing on-time delivery and long-term support for ISO/RTO integrations
  • High-Availability (HA) solutions safeguard communications and ensure connectivity to markets
  • Capable of passing five minute XML data from ISOs
  • Modbus, OPC, and DNP3 supported between RTI and control systems

LiveData Utilities delivers leading-edge integration technologies based on in-depth knowledge of configuration interfaces and protocols, and has helped over 100 utilities connect to secondary markets.



Learn more about ISO Connect here.

RTI Platform for Power Generation

LiveData Utilities created our RTI real-time OT middleware platform as an intelligent solution to handling the increased volume, velocity, and variability of real-time Operational Technology data. LiveData Utilities has over 20 years of experience helping Generation providers extract, transform, and load complex data flows between centralized and distributed assets and control rooms, and is capable of transacting via all major utility and industry protocols.

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LiveData RTI Platform enables operators to:

  • Integrate disparate OT systems spanning from leading edge DCS systems to legacy proprietary systems
  • Simultaneously capture, transform, and deliver data from thousands of points
  • Create a flexible framework that is easily scaled to accommodate diverse data types, protocols, and data standards
  • Establish a secure environment that meets NERC CIP requirements
  • Configure and deploy connected assets with regional markets and system operators
  • Leverage High-Availability solutions to ensure system reliability
  • Transact via most major utility and industry protocols, including ICCP, IEC 61850, OPC, DNP3, MultiSpeak, Web Services, and Modbus

LiveData RTI Platform is often used to integrate:

  • OT management systems including EMS, OMS, DMS, SCADA, DCS, MDMS, DERMS, and GMS systems
  • OT/IT data exchanges
  • Real-time analytic tools
  • Distribution Automation devices such

RTI Configuration Manager

RTI Platform features LiveData RTI Configuration Manager, a graphical configuration tool that allows engineers to quickly integrate new devices. RTI Configuration Manager enables engineers to graphically describe complex data flows and to debug and visualize data flows and data states in real-time. RTI Configuration Manager is used to create data templates which represent classes of data such as different device types.  At run-time,  devices of known data classes are added as a configuration simply by adding a line to a CSV file.

LiveData RTI Platform acts as a central hub for operational technology and grid devices.


Learn more about LiveData Utilities' RTI Platform here.

RTI Platform Protocol Support for Power Generation

LiveData RTI Platform may be leveraged as a protocol converter and fully supports all proprietary and standard protocols, for example, DNP3, ICCP, MODBUS, etc.

With over 20 years of experience working with utilities to simplify their smart grid data and integrations, LiveData Utilities is capable of speaking all protocol languages and has a proven track record of being able to interface nearly any system or device.

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LiveData Utilities supports the following protocols and transactional database languages:

Bi-Directional Protocols

  • ICCP Blocks 1-8
  • IEC 61850
  • DNP 3.0 (RS-232/485, TCP, UDP)
  • OPC
  • MultiSpeak
  • Allen-Bradley (RS-232/485, DH, DH+, TCP-- no AB RS software required)
  • Modbus (RS-232/485, Modbus+, TCP, UDP)
  • MMS (TCP, OSI)
  • PG&E (RS-232/485, TCP, UDP)
  • Siemens (S7)
  • SOAP
  • UCA 2.0
  • UDDI WAP & SMS (cellphone alerts)
  • XML

Database Support

  • MS SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Sybase
  • DB2
  • MySQL
  • MySQL MaxDB
  • SQLite
  • ODBC
  • Mongo
  • Firebase

LiveData Interfaces to any SCADA, EMS, HMI, DCS and/or OMS System, including:

  • ABB
  • Advanced Control Systems
  • GE
  • Honeywell
  • Intellution
  • Invensys
  • M3i 
  • Open Systems International
  • Oracle 
  • OSISoft
  • Siemens
  • Sisco
  • Telvent
  • Triangle Microworks
  • Wonderware
  • Full support for CIM, DAF, ICCP, UCA, OPC/CORBA, and XML

Technology for Adding Connectivity

LiveData supports leading scripting languages including:

  • Python
  • .NET
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Perl
  • VBScript

LiveData supports leading development environments including:

  • OPC Client and Server
  • Sockets C/C++ API
  • ActiveMQ
  • Oracle ESB
  • TIBCO Rendezvous


Learn more about LiveData Utilities Protocol Support capabilities here.

RTI Security for Power Generation

In addition to providing a robust framework for connecting, monitoring, and managing distribution systems. LiveData RTI Platform also offers solutions that meet NERC CIP requirements for security and reporting.

Jeff Robbins, LiveData Utilities CTO, authored a white paper dicsussing CIP Cyber Security Improvements that can be viewed here.

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LiveData RTI Security Solutions include:

  • Network segmentation to create secure environments for transactional data flows
  • Real-time data monitoring of grid and device status to identify threats and mitigate security concerns
  • Protocol aware message passing between OT and IT networks
  • External threat protection of control systems, devices and assets via four layer whitelisting
  • DMZ solutions for bridging control and IT networks


Learn more about LiveData Security solutions here.