Live Data for Power Distribution

LiveData Utilities provides power distribution companies with services and solutions that help them manage assets, manage Operational Technology integrations, and connect to energy markets.

With over twenty years of experience assisting Operations Managers in establishing next generation grid architectures, LiveData Utilities is a trusted path to integrating distributed generation assets – allowing for remote operation of devices and improved business intelligence.

LiveData RTI Platform for Distribution

RTI Platform is used by distribution operators to integrate OT systems such as OMS, Advanced DMS and SCADA systems, and device automation, using standard protocols (ICCP, DNP3, Modbus, etc.) throughout the grid. 

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LiveData Utilities created our RTI real-time OT middleware platform as an intelligent solution to handling the increased volume, velocity and variability of real-time Operational Technology data. LiveData Utilities has over 20 years of experience helping distribution operators providers extract, transform and load complex data flows between centralized and distributed assets and control rooms, and is capable of transacting via all major utility and industry protocols.

LiveData RTI Platform enables operators to: 

  • Integrate disparate OT systems spanning from leading edge DCS systems to legacy proprietary systems
  • Simultaneously capture, transform and deliver data from thousands of points
  • Create a flexible framework that is easily scaled to accommodate diverse data types, protocols and data standards
  • Establish a secure environment that meets NERC CIP requirements
  • Configure and deploy connected assets with regional markets and system operators
  • Leverage High-Availability solutions to ensure system reliability
  • Leverage High-Availability solutions to ensure system reliability
  • Transact via most major utility and industry protocols including ICCP, IEC 61850, OPC, DNP3, MultiSpeak, Web Services, and Modbus

LiveData RTI Platform is often used to integrate:

    • OT management systems including EMS, OMS, DMS, SCADA, DCS, MDMS, DERMS and GMS systems
    • OT/IT data exchanges
    • Real-time analytic tools
    • Distribution Automation devices

LiveData RTI Server

Learn more about RTI Platform here or contact us to learn more.

LiveData Asset ID Manager for Distribution

LiveData Utilities RTI Asset ID Manager (RTI AIM) allows grid operators to automatically keep OMS, SCADA, and RTI Server systems up to date with new devices soon after they are installed. Automate asset ID management and eliminate manual registration of new devices in your SCADA, GIS, and Outage Management System (OMS). 

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RTI Asset ID Manager coordinates the loading of configurations across various OT (Operations Technology) management systems and ensures that all of your systems remain synchronized. With RTI Asset ID Manager, add a new data point to your SCADA system1 and to your OMS, and the measurement will be automatically connected from the SCADA system through the RTI Server to your OMS. RTI Asset ID Manager simplifies management of your smart grid by automatically generating measurement tables for your OMS, batch files for the RTI Server, and exception reports when anomalies occur. RTI Asset ID Manager eliminates the need for manual file manipulation to maintain associations between SCADA and Outage Management System when using RTI Server.

Benefits of using RTI Asset ID Manager include:

  • Devices are automatically linked between your OMS, SCADA system and RTI Server
  • Eliminate the need to manually reconcile SCADA, OMS and RTI tags and data points
  • Reduce work load for those managing Oracle NMS or CGI OMS systems
  • Minimize chances for human error
  • Increase operational efficiency by automating relationship management between SCADA and NMS

Asset ID Manager Bubble graphic

Learn more about RTI AIM here or contact us to learn more.

LiveData RTI Outage Management for Distribution

For effective distribution and outage management, LiveData Utilities provides customers with a solution for flowing data between SCADA and Outage Management systems, and to central control room display.

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LiveData RTI  Platform powers RTI Generation Asset Manager (formerly RTI OMS) to:

  • Flow data between SCADA and Outage Management systems, and to central control room display

  • Collect and present statewide power outage information

  • Calculate key performance indicators 

Learn more about LiveData Utilities outage management here or contact us to learn more.


LiveData RTI Platform for Distribution Security

Cost-effective and reliable, the LiveData Cyber Security solution provides front-line defense for the critical infrastructure network.

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The LiveData solution lends itself to any situation where data is needed from or by an operational system over an unsecure network. Whatever standard utility protocol (ICCP / DNP / Modbus / OPC….) the end points use to communicate, LiveData will safely and reliably translate them – on the fly – for transfer over Secure ICCP and/or Secure HTTPS.

The LiveData Cyber Security solution is fully configurable and compatible with anti-virus software. Other system benefits include:
  • Allowing perimeter links to be taken down without taking other systems offline
  • Fully supporting strong authentication and data integrity
  • Allowing access only through proxy servers


Learn more about LiveData Utilities security solution here or contact us to learn more.

LiveData RTI Visualization for Distribution

LiveData RTI Platform supports dynamic, real-time visualizations for distribution operators through LiveData RTI Viz.
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LiveData RTI Viz is an HTML5 based application that allows control room operators and plant managers to:

  • Semi-customize and rapidly deploy visualization screens to meet organizational goals
  • Increase situational awareness
  • Monitor assets and devices for failure and other events
  • Create alarms that are triggered instantly based on data populated at runtime
  • Geographically report power and telemetry loss events

In addition to providing a robust framework for connecting, monitoring and managing generation assets, LiveData RTI Platform also offers solutions that meet NERC CIP requirements for security and reporting. LiveData RTI Security Solutions include:

  • Network segmentation to create secure environments for transactional data flows
  • Real-time data monitoring of grid and devices status to identify threats and mitigate security concerns
  • Protocol aware message passing between OT and IT networks
  • External threat protection of control systems, devices and assets via four layer whitelisting     

LiveData Utilities Data Real-Time Visualization

Learn more about RTI VIZ here or contact us to learn more.