Learn how to create an Electronic Security Perimeter for your organization today

Utilities are architecting OT-centric middleware to improve Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security (CIP).

Is this white paper for you? the following questions will help you determine if this white paper can be of value for you and your organization:

  • Does your organization spend a lot of time and money custom engineering the integration of data that is needed from or by and operational system over an unsecure network?
  • Do you work with and one or several utility protocols (ICCP, REST, DNP, MODBUS, OPC, ...)
  • Are you unsure of how to bridge the CIP V5 security gap between your CIP and your OT software systems and networks?

Download our FREE white paper that discusses solutions to:

  • Create a secure access point through electronic security perimeters
  • Support ICCP and Secure HTTP for strong authentication and data integrity
  • Ensure only necessary ports and functions are enabled
  • Be compatible with anti-virus software
  • Take control of the explosion of data in your smart grid

White Paper: Improving Critical Infrastructure (CIP) Cyber Security